Friday, 30 September 2016

Spain - France - Home

Sunday 25th
Well I managed it, finally completed my very first sock, and as a bonus it fits! Need to start the partner sock while I remember what to do. Strangely I didn't have too much of a problem with turning the heel, everyone seems to dread that part, but sewing up the final toe part... Nightmare, took me ages.
Now to start it's partner!

As this is our last full day in Spain we went to the Sunday Market for breakfast and tried a different stall, there are so many to choose from, they were doing a 2euro special English breakfast and it was really good.
On the way back we drove around a large reservoir which is always popular with cyclists, and they were out I their droves. The scenery is very pretty in this area, but there is hardly anywhere to stop and take photos.
Cyclists by the dozen

The pretty reservoir
Monday 26th
Up early, having packed the car the night before, for the start of our trip home. 509 miles through Spain to the Kyriad Hotel in Tarbes France.
Long almost empty roads, just a pleasure to drive here.

The colours in the rock face area sight to behold

This is one long crane, glad I'm not working at the top of it!

There are tunnels of every shape and size through the Pyrenees 

High in the mountains this cow was just wandering along the road ringing his bell!

Love the bear feet up the side of the dam wall. [click picture to enlarge]

Stopped in a lay-by, don't think I'll go fishing after reading this sign.

Wild crocus were growing everywhere

My lonely little car in the lay-by

Poivre Rouge our restaurant for the evening. My choice lamb cutlets, his, steak [ as usual]
Tuesday 27th
 7.30 and we are on the road again.
Stopped every couple of hours to stretch our legs and buy a meal deal on one of our stops.
Our overnight stop this time is another Kyraid hotel at La Fleche, near Le Mans. It is a pretty little town and literally a few steps across the road to the Buffalo Inn, one of our favourite restaurants.
Wonder if this totem pole will fit int he car? It would look good in the garden!

Ribs and chips... yummy. Guess what Chris had... you guessed steak!
Wednesday 28th
448 miles to home via the Eurotunnel.

Rouen from the moving car.. an amazing sight.

Sock progress in the car.

We arrived 3 hours early for the train so paid the extra £13 to change the booking. After the fairly empty roads of France and Spain, England came as a bit of a shock, Motorways jam packed, hold ups, and generally not a pleasant ride north to home.

As each day seems to have a meal as a highlight, we ended the holiday with take away KFC.
3491 miles since leaving home.

Now to open all the post, get the washing machine on, and recover from all the travelling and a great holiday, except for the Mossies... they were a real pain this year.

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