Monday, 26 December 2016

Christmas Day with the family

The perfect way to celebrate the Saviours birth, spending the day with the family.
We arrived at our son's home around 10.30am and had a really wonderful day with great food prepared by Richard and Jacquline. Endless games were played with the girls, they are such good company.
Piles of presents to open before we leave home, a BIG thank you to all our friends.
The quilt on the settee was made in 2004 and is still a favorite..

Abigail opening her gift, a new handbag [ she cannot have too many!]
full of everything you need in side, all individually wrapped.

Eleanor opening her gift, a Sleepover bag made by me,
full of everything she will need when she goes to stay with her friends overnight.
Richard and Jacq also opening their presents.

Christmas dinner, with enough food to feed the neighbourhood!

Playing the right / left game

Eleanor and I had a go at the Skittles "thing" I had seen on facebook.
place the skittles in a circle and add hot water gently to the centre.

Such an interesting pattern appears from nowhere.

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