Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Preparing for the Attic 24 CAL

 Today is the official start of Winter, it is dark, cold and just plain miserable out there.  It is the sort of day to light the fire [ well OK I turned on the electric flickering fire for effect ] close the curtains and just vegetate. I had to brave the elements and go for a walk around the local block to try and get my knee moving but that was all I wanted to do outside.

Something I have been thinking of doing was to prepare for the Attic 24 CAL, so today seemed like a good day to spend in my Happy Room with my wool winder.
The kit from Woolwarehouse that my friend bought me for my birthday consisted of 15 balls of wool. I have now wound them all into little chubby balls, mostly two to the original ball, except where I lost concentration and got in a tangle, then there were three balls.  It certainly gave my arm a work out using the winder.

Once I started I was on a roll, and wrote labels with the names of the colours on, I used garden plant labels as these fit flatly in my little box.  The 'roll' continued and I made myself some stitch markers with wires, clips, beads and small silver accessories that I bought on my last trip to Spain.
Five balls rewound, ten more to go.

Now I'm ready to start when the pattern is released on January 6th.

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