Tuesday, 20 December 2016

More walks

Sunday the daily walk was around the General Hospital ! Chris had an appointment for an Ultrasound following his very painful bout with gall stones. The outcome being he still has a gall stone and sludge [ words of the Ultrasound medic!] He now awaits the appointment with the doctor to see what happens next. Luckily the really bad pain has reduced to a mild ache.  The hospital was deserted but it was still difficult to park !

Another day another hospital
Monday was physio for me and Tom 'the torturer' tried deep massage and forcing more bend... Ouch ouch ouch!  It was not a good day and even my other knee replacement was playing me up.

Tuesday awoke to sun shine even though it was only registering 5.5 degrees on the car dashboard. We decided to walk along another stretch of the old railway starting at Spratton. The sun was so low and bright it was hard to see but it made for a very nice 30 minute walk. Back home for drinking chocolate and a ginger biscuit.

A nice walk in the sun shine

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