Saturday, 17 December 2016

I'm quilting

The background to my blog title  "I'm quilting"

About fifteen years ago I visited one of my favourite places,  Pat Miller's Dry Goods and Quilt shop in Charm Ohio USA.
Doyle Yoder took a photo of the quilts hanging around the covered bridge at the back of the shop and this was then turned into a jigsaw.

Yesterday while sorting out the bottom of my wardrobe I discovered a pile of jigsaws and I donated them together with 4 other bags of items to a local Charity shop. Amongst them was the above mentioned jigsaw and to my surprise it was still sealed in its original plastic bag!

Now I know I should be doing a lot of other jobs around here but I could not resist working on the quilt jigsaw... I cannot remember the last time I made a real jigsaw, although occasionally I do one on line. Plus of course I am feeling good having donated a total of 5 bags to the Charity shop.
Beautiful quilts taking shape

Nothing will get done until it is finished!

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