Thursday, 15 December 2016

The eight week attempt

Well it's eight weeks since my total knee replacement and I made my mind up to drive my car again.
I am going stir crazy and need to get my old life back.

By 11am the road outside my house looked fairly quiet so I told Chris I was going to try driving. He asked me to take my mobile phone with me [ I didn't want him with me ] so I set off like it was the first time I had been behind the wheel instead of 50+ years driving.
My comment was I will either be back in two minutes as I feel I cannot do it, or fifteen minutes and I would just go around the estate we live on. It was the usual struggle to get in the car as my knee is still very swollen but everything felt OK. A few pushes on the clutch to make sure the knee would bend and I drove off. Brilliant I made it around the estate and back onto the drive.
I probably will not be going far at the moment but at least I know I can drive again.

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