Friday, 9 December 2016

IAM Christmas craft day 2016

All nine members of my craft group were able to attend the Christmas party. What fun we had.
The day started with an angel workshop, I had prepared handouts and all the fabric etc. that was needed and much to my amazement everyone completed their angel by lunch time.
Making angels

Pauline provided roulade and cheesecake for our celebration, after we ate our own pack ups.

Then it was time for show and tell, I'll let the photos tell their story...

Ann's bobbin lace orchid

Shirley's Christmas crochet

Shirley's crochet jacket

Dorn's Santa collection

Jenny's Advent calender and felt inserts

Jenny's quilt for her grandaughter

Penny reading the list of items she had made but given away!
While Maureen told us of the items she had made and were now in the post

Clare went on a workshop to make a cockerel and made a pheasant by mistake

Some of Clare's machine embroidery candy cane holders

Clare's machine embroidery crazy patchwork bag

Pauline's Dog cushion for a grandson
Each of us had brought eight wrapped gifts costing no more than £2, so there was lots of "Oo"ing and "ah"ing as we unpacked everything. It is amazing that no two items were the same and everything is so nice and useful.

This was followed by Strip Poker, luckily as we are all over 70 no one lost an item of clothes, the strip part of the game was a pile of 2" strips of fabric. A dice marked with C,C,L,R,X plus one blank side was used and the game started with everyone putting a strip in the centre of the table. The dice was rolled in turn and C meant put a strip in the Centre, L..left, R.. right nothing and the blank meant you took the centre pile and we started again. The laughter level was off the scale!!
Jenny was the final winner of all the strips, we look forward to seeing what she makes with them.

Our final game consisted of us all bringing a gift to the value of £5 max. These were placed in the centre of the table and a dice with four sides marked with a X the other two sides blank was used. An X meant taking one of the wrapped prizes until all the prizes were taken and then the fun began because an X meant you had to swap your gift even if you did not want to! We had four rounds of this.
Reading the rules
Finally I wish all my crafty friends a very Happy Christmas and hope you have as much fun with your hobby as we did today.

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