Thursday, 15 December 2016

The Kitchen floor

What a start to the day... the kitchen floor just got an unexpected wash!
Whenever I use a colour catcher in the washing machine I always check that it comes out at the end. On the last wash a couple of days ago I could not find it even though I turned socks inside out and looked through everything. Chris said it will turn up in something so we thought no more about it.
It turned up this morning when the machine loaded with washing and full of water stopped. The drain pipe was used to drain off the water and stuck in the hose was the missing colour catcher. When Chris pulled the colour catcher out another flood of water swamped the kitchen!
Towels were quickly used to mop up the flood so now we have another load of washing! but a nice clean floor.
Thank goodness I'm married to a very handy man.

1 comment:

Judypam said...

Oh my! Pleased no serious fault with washing machine tho' and all shipshape now!

There must be something in the air around here, I managed to knock a full pot of freshly made tea over on Monday and got caught in the fall-out!

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