Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Cousins united

Every Christmas my cousins like to get together for a Christmas lunch. It started with the Ashby side of the family, my mother was Catherine Mary Ashby but over the years has expanded to include other relatives.
This year was no exception when nine of us met at The Whitehills Flaming Grill Northampton for our Christmas lunch. Cousin John travelled down from Derby, cousin Mike from near Leicester, cousin Helen from Bristol, cousin Rosalind from Kettering, cousin Christine from London, sister Debbie from the Cotswold's, myself and husband Chris, plus Colin the son of John's partner who sadly died this year.
Northampton was chosen as a central place for us all to meet, and you would not believe the trouble one or two of the cousins had in finding the venue! In fact the cousin who had the least amount of travelling took the longest to get there!
The chatting never stopped and it was great catching up with every ones news.
Christine, Helen, Colin and John

Rosalind, Debbie, Mike, Chris and me.


Christa said...

How did the cousins like the angels? Did you tell them that they were guardian angels (for year round) and not Christmas angels?

Happy Room Diana said...

It was such a manic lunch I'm not sure what happened to the angels, but they all took them home.

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