Tuesday, 13 September 2011

1600 quilt with a twist

This has been one of the quickest quilts I have every made.
Using the method of joining a jellyroll together into a long strip and then sewing the end to the top, cutting the fold and repeating until the required length/width the main area of the quilt was made. Next I cut off 4 strips from the sides and added cream borders and then the coloured strips.
Finally after long arm quilting by a friend, I heat-n-bonded letters of the alphabet and randomly sewed them to the top as this quilt will be for my granddaughters 4th birthday present.


Unknown said...

Love your chicken and your 1600.

Christa said...

Well, I thought I had read ALL your posts. How could I have missed this? Love your version of the 1600 quilt. Never have seen it like this. Brilliant? Might have to steal the idea. THANKS!

Christa said...

How did the question mark get there? It was supposed to be an exclamation mark. Like .... BRILLIANT!!!!!

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