Sunday, 25 May 2014

Eastnor Castle Day Two

An early start saw us making our way back to Eastnor Castle Show grounds to join in another day of madness.
At 9am the car was scrutinised by the Land Rover Marshall's and we joined the convoy for the advanced adventure group, no scenic ride for us :-)

LR Simon headed the group and LR Paul took up the back position. There were eleven of us in the group, all Land  rovers except for the Mitsubishi in front of us.

We were handed walky talkies so we could all keep in contact with each other and hear Simon's advice when needed.

After about a mile on a reasonable track we then headed for the real fun, deep water ( it came in the doors) bends and turns, some very dramatic when I felt sure we would tip over! Steep hills and hair raising drops. We even passed a broken tree caused by Richard Hammond of Top Gear fame.

At a half way point I handed my camera to the guy behind us to get some rear view shots of the car.

The car now looks well and truly dirty with tide marks on the doors from the deep water.

A quick stop for a bite to eat in Tewksbury and we arrived home late afternoon pleased with a great fun weekend.

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