Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The cooking day

At 8.30am yesterday I had a home delivery from Waitrose. They had some really good deals on and I took advantage of them buying amongst other things 6 packs of mince and three chickens for £28.
I set to work and using items from my store cupboard made packs of meals for two for the freezer.
It was very hot in my little kitchen with the microwave and oven going full blast but I tired to use as much of the free solar panel electricity as I could.
12.30pm almost dead on my feet, I had SEVEN spaghetti sauce meals, TWO cottage pie meals, SIX chicken meals for the freezer plus a cooked chicken to last us the next couple of days for dinners and sandwiches.
After a quick lunch ( chicken sandwich!) I decided to put my feet up for half an hour, two hours later I woke up! So much for my idea of having a sewing afternoon.

The evening was spent at Hamtune quilters where we were entertained by Rosalind and her stories of fabric in East Africa. It was a wonderful evening and most informative.

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