Friday, 16 May 2014

The Chair

Nine or ten years ago I made Abigail a little chair. Using foam blocks I used PVA glue to stick them together and covered the whole thing with some cheap curtain fabric.
Four years later Eleanor came along and the pair of them have used that chair on every visit to see Grandma, usually throwing it downstairs rather than carrying it and generally standing on it and playing with it.
I am amazed it lasted more than a couple of months.
Earlier this week I had a blitz cleaning session upstairs and thought I would get rid of some of the things the girls no longer play with [one puzzle went out!] and the sight of the tatty chair made me think of getting rid of it, but Grandad said "you cannot do that!" so today I recovered it in Batik cloth my DIL brought back from China, I wonder if the girls will still like it?
Tatty and dirty in baby fabric

Original foam still stuck together after 10 years!

The "new" look

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