Friday, 2 May 2014

Our son and his new job.

I am SO proud of my son that I thought I would copy his facebook entry for you all to see. He is the father of my two granddaughters that often feature on my blog.

Richard Glasspool
Richard Glasspool updated his status.: "Well it is close to 16 years working in the field of Parkinson's Disease, although the last year more as manager rather than clinician. On 1st May I return to the hospice where I started out as a newly qualified nurse in 1994 (I am that old) to take on managing all the palliative care services in the County. A huge change, which I am sure will bring different challenges but looking forward to what lies ahead. I am gonna miss the team and the patients I have been working with all these years."

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Christa said...

Yes, you should be proud. We (parents) are always happy for our children to do good.How wonderful that he does work which will benefit many!

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