Friday, 2 May 2014

IAM day

What a fun day yesterday, six of the eight members of my IAM group were here for the day to work on various crafts, and do a lot of chatting.
For some reason, don't ask my how or why! the Shewee I use when out Off Roading or travelling about in the countryside caused such hilarity that there were tears of laughter. If you don't know what a Shewee is Google or Amazon it. It has saved me from embarrassment many times and every rambler or countryside user over a certain age should have one in my opinion.

Dorn brought us all a bag of rhubarb which has been  turned into a Rhubarb and Strawberry [ using a long forgotten tin of strawberries] crumble early this morning.

Clare had finished a lovely quilt that she brought for show and tell. Ann had made bobbin lace snowdrops for a gift.  There was so much laughter going on I cannot remember what anyone else brought. I made a new handbag at the weekend that was my show and tell.

Love this bag and everything came out of my stash.
The top rim of the bag has parcel banding in it so it stays open for putting things in it.
The button was bought in Spain so reminds me of our last trip there.
I love the pattern so much I may make another.

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Quack Quack22 said...

love this bag, Diana and the fabric is really nice!!

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