Sunday, 18 May 2014

Week 1 prepping challenge

Having decided to take part in Patchwork Times challenge of being prepared this is a summery of my first week.  On Monday I forgot the challenge and went shopping [ see previous post] but the rest of the week I have not spent a penny on buying food, even though we have run out of eggs and bananas!
The challenge has really made me think about what we eat and buy.
I am now looking forward to Judy's next week challenge.

I have decided to only blog about this once a week, so have moved the following blog post..

I have been re-stocking my food [cans] storage that got very depleted when I was recovering from my knee surgery and did not want to think about food shopping. Sometimes its not a major zombie attack we need to be ready for, illness can strike anyone and make shopping difficult.

Most of my preparing is in the form of cans of food. I would like to try bottling[canning] my own food but I need to research how to do it and wait until I can afford the equipment.

To keep my cans rotating I use an Excel sheet with the item and dates of the tins [ see photo] attached to my fridge. I only buy things we will use. Each tin that comes into the house is marked on the lid with the date in BIG letters so it is easy to read.

List of canned foods in my cupboard

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