Saturday, 31 May 2014

The New Toy

Thursday Penny and I attended a workshop with Sue and Annette in Bedford. It is always a most enjoyable day meeting friends, chatting, eating biscuits, and Oh! yes doing some sewing.

Sue brought along a Serger [sometimes called an overlocker in UK] she no longer wanted for me to buy, so I had a practise in the hall, but felt I needed to be alone to really concentrate on how it all worked.  I am so looking forward to getting to grips with the machine, a Babylock Prestige 750DS.

One or two of the ladies wanted to learn to crochet so Annette was giving them a lesson. I had not touched a crochet hook since about 1965, so decided to see if I could still do it. Thanks for getting me going again Annette.
Annette teaching Maria to crochet

Sue's sewing group

There were lots of things to make or people were working on their own projects. Needless to say having spent so much time with the Serger and the crocheting I did little else.

Friday I decided to give myself a headache and see what I could do with the new toy. In complete frustration I signed up for a Craftsy course on Beginning Serging. The course is normally £32 but there was an offer on for £12.50 so that was a lucky break.  I have downloaded all the literature and watched the first lesson to learn what all the knobs and levers do. Two Paracetamol later I thought I better get the evening meal ready as we had friends coming over.
The New Toy

My neighbour Judith heard I was practising crochet and about the new toy so she brought me a Serger book to read and another crochet pattern. I have just completed the design, far from perfect but i am pleased I got around the hexagon called the African Flower Block.
My first crochet since 1965
If anyone owns the same serger / overlocker as me please will they get in touch.

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Linda said...

LOVE my serger. I honestly don't know how I got along without it back in the day. :)

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