Thursday, 1 May 2014

First Green Lane Day of 2014

Yesterday Chris and 1 set off for a day of travelling the Byways and Green Lanes in Leicestershire.
En route we were held up while a flock of sheep were moved down the road near Rothwell.
The weather was good, not too hot or cold and best of all dry!
We started in Medbourne on what is called a "Field Road"  to Blaston and Horninghold using an OS map.
Then we started the route from the Leicester Roadbook travelling through quaint villages and beautiful scenery. A farmer stopped us for a chat asking about the Green Lane Association of which Chris is the Rep for Northamptonshire.
Some of the lanes had been badly torn up by reckless drivers using them when they should have known better. Badgers had also caused a lot of havoc with their large setts dug deep in the fields.
Water is always fun to drive through, and the best water was near Thorpe Langton although in trying to take a little movie I was nearly soaked as Chris had to speed out of the dip!
Waiting for the sheep to pass

Driving a Byway through a Rape seed field

Approaching a small stream

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