Monday, 11 May 2015

A Land Rover meeting

Some time ago Chris was asked by the GLASS rep for Wales, who lives in Nuneaton [?] if we would like to join him and another couple for a day Off Roading. Chris is the rep for Northamptonshire and likes to meet with other reps so the day was arranged for yesterday.
Young bullocks surround us
Normally we never go Green Laning at the weekends, one because I like to go to Church on Sunday and secondly because everyone else goes at the weekend and being retired we prefer the quieter times during the week.
Sandwiches packed we met up with Matt [ the rep] and Heidi and John in their Land Rovers near Rugby Warwickshire.
The weather did not look too good, but the rain stayed away and Matt had worked out a route taking us from Warwickshire to nearer home. Many of the lanes we had travelled before but usually in the opposite direction.

At one point a Red Discovery, also driven by a Matt, joined us for a couple of the lanes and we became a convoy of four.

A LR Discovery joins the party.
Lots of farmers are making a big effort for our countryside, which we all respect.
Everywhere there are fields and fields of smelly yellow rape seed.
A lunch time stop near an ice cream vendor [bang goes the diet again!] was nice for a get together chat. Talk of a trip to Italy in convoy next year was banded about, hope it comes off.

How many people does it take to read a map?

The final obstacle, and Matt just makes it

More headroom for John and Heidi

Until we meet again

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