Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Crochet therapy

What weather we are having, the storm raged for most of the day yesterday.

I had phoned the surgery for the result of my knee X-rays only to be told I had to see the doctor. First appointment 1st June :-(
Not knowing what is happening to my replacement knee that now hurts so much and the lousy weather really got me down.

After feeling miserable for a while I decided to pull myself together and sorted out the silver crochet project I had started earlier this year. Where is the pattern for the basic square? How did I do it? Questions I could not answer, must email a friend to see if she still has a copy.

I did find the pattern for the block with the flower and managed to make the three blocks with flowers that I need to complete the project. I also crocheted together some of the blocks.
The therapy of crochet really lifted my spirits and a friend has now sent me a copy of the missing pattern so all is well with the world. [ well except for my knees]
3 flower corners made only 6 plain blocks and the border needed.

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