Saturday, 9 May 2015

Towel experiment

Where oh! where has the week gone? Even my husband was checking up on me, asking why I had not blogged for a week. Here's a quick recap of my week.
Saturday we visited friends for a meal and played a new [to us] game of Rummy 10 card game. The meal was excellent as usual and the card game was also very good, once we had the hang of it.
Sunday was church in the morning, where we had some very interesting testimony's and talks.
Monday was a financial scare, Chris's Land Rover was making a terrible noise and everything looked like it being the petrol pump, which is very hard to remove in an old LR. I suggested taking it to a garage and they confirmed Chris's diagnoses and it looked like a bill for £450 +. However someone on a forum Chris follows said it might be the filter, as he had one he changed it and like magic it sorted the problem out. In my book this means we have just saved £450+ to spend on another holiday, sadly Chris does not have the same opinion.
Tuesday our daughter-in-law went to Thailand for work so I collected the girls from school, as Richard was in a meeting. We had a lovely time playing Yahtzee and eating hot dogs.
It was Hamtune Quilters 10th Anniversary in the evening and the speaker was Shirley Bloomfield, I had attended one of her workshops ten years ago. She was a great speaker with lots of  beautiful Baltimore quilts to show the group.
Wednesday... no idea what happened ! Think I was working on my Stylecraft Lily Pond CAL as the third part of the series was downloadable on Tuesday. I have managed to get up to date and even have all the ends sewn in. I will block it at the end.

Thursday our monthly IAM group met for the day. Two members were missing as they were on holiday. There was some wonderful show and tell... why did I not take photos?
Friday I had a Doctor's appointment as I have been having such a problem with my knees. She sent me for xrays and I will get the result in a weeks time. My replacement knee is painful and the doc was surprised such a new knee was making clicking noises! My old knee is swollen. Oh! the joys of getting old.
Today, Saturday I am experimenting with machine embroidering six cheap small white hand towels.
left to right my progress. 1st one looks too wimpy, 2nd one the applique is too small, 3rd one not too bad on blue silk.
Think I've cracked it! Used patterned satin with heavy washaway in the hoop.
One each for Abigail, me, and Eleanor. Spells AGE I think its a sign ;-)

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