Monday, 11 May 2015

Who bought these?

Saturday evening Richard and the girls came for dinner.
I cooked a large gammon joint and we had all the trimmings.
Jacqueline is still in Thailand so Richard accepts any offer of a meal while she is away.
After the meal we played Yahtzee, which seems to be the game of the moment, and then the girls disappeared into their bedroom here and came down with ....

The noise and dancing and singing was enough to drive the neighbours away!
Whenever they stay here for a few days one of their favourite places to go is Emmaus Charity village and for a couple of pounds they seem to find the noisiest items to bring back. Usually they are banned from the house to play in the summer house. I did ask Richard if he would like to take the  pianos home but for some reason he refused!
It's a good job I love them to pieces. A quiet evening of TV was lovely when they went.

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