Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Day 15,16 and 17 Gibraltar

I know you are wondering what happened to the missing days? Well we had torrential rain one day, and when it rains it floods everywhere so we stayed home,and I've no idea what happened to the other missing days!  I must have been having too much fun !!

Sunday we left the villa for a trip to Gibraltar, it was very overcast and we went through a few miles of heavy rain but otherwise it brightened up. We took the coastal route of about 350 miles and at least 20 tunnels, it s a very pretty ride cut through the hillside with the sea visible on our left nearly all the way. There were three toll booths to navigate costing 30 euros. Traffic was very light and we travelled a section of about 110 miles only passing one car and only one car passing us... a dream journey.

We had a two night reservation at the Hotel Ohtel overlooking the Rock of Gibraltar and with a wonderful view of the harbour, airstrip [which is a runway built over the sea!] and the boardwalk.
Tired we took a short walk and enjoyed a Burger King snack for dinner.

Monday we drove through passport control and at this point we had not seen another English car anywhere, in fact we only saw two in the whole of Gibraltar. We did a circuit of the country to get our bearings and then joined the queue for the cable car, unfortunately something had happened and it was delayed half an hour but then about a dozen of us crammed into the first carriage of the day and up we went. I thought it would be scarier than it was but it was OK, I think I even managed to breathe and take photos. We wandered around admiring the view and the monkeys that were just enjoying their breakfast and ignoring us.
We also visited the Botanical gardens but I had climbed SO many stairs I was exhausted so we did not see all of it. Next stop was Morrisons for a late breakfast, Chris had read never go on a Monday as the shelves are bare, they were right most things were off the menu and they seem to have run out of everything. Must say it is the only Morrisons we have been in with a bar [ which was open] and fruit machines.

OK here are the photos.....

One of the many tunnels

Fruit trees under plastic net coves dot the landscape

First sight of The Rock

Two nights in the Hotel Ohtel

A cuppa on the balcony

Very pretty harbour all lit up at ight

First thing Monday morning, Gibraltar here we come

Tunnels hewn out of the rock

The tunnels are just big enough for one vehicle

Towards the south of the country

A rocky swimming area

A slimmy green waterfall

The southern most point lighthouse

An ornate Mosque

On our way up in the cable car, overlooking the Botanical Gardens

Cable car selfie

We made it to the top

Which one is Chris?

So high up in six minutes

Looking down on the view and cable car

Incredible views 

Too near the edge for me!

The monkeys were far more interested in their breakfast than us tasty visitors

Now for the scary ride back down

We had a 'car' all to ourselves

Almost at the end

Having walked up and down what felt like a million steps we head for more steps at the Botanical Gardens

I love mosaic maps

Thought I'd be clever and take this photo upside down so you could read the words!

A very wild tropical botanic garden

Morrisons bar and fruit machine! Chris is getting me a hot chocolate as the cafe end had run out!

The history in this place is wonderful, but parking to visit any of it almost zero.

Back through customs, having had a great day in Gibraltar

A plane taxing along the runway, the road into Gibraltar actually crosses the runway!

The plane goes to the end turns round and then takes off

Our journey home was further inland and more inhabited, only 14 tunnels and cost 25 euros in toll fees.

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