Friday, 26 February 2016

After the holiday

What a busy time since we arrived home from our holiday.
Wednesday was spent catching up with the washing, where does it all come from?

I joined a machine embroidery swap a couple of days before going away so the deadline for getting it in the post is fast approaching. I made this a Happy Room priority, any excuse to get away from housework!, and spent time MEing a zippered purse. I still have a little ordinary sewing machine work left to complete it.
The day before the holiday I was on a ME day at BSK and did not complete the work so I managed to get that sewn out too. Just need to get the two cushions I have planned made up now.

Chris bought me a new iPad Air2 64GB for our anniversary [March 25th] so it was exciting looking for a new case, I had no idea there were so many different cases out there. The iPad arrived yesterday and many happy hours of aggravation were spent transferring everything from my old iPad!
It is so light and fast, will I ever keep up with this modern age of technology?   I am still battling finding passwords etc..  Oh and where have all my photos gone?

Yesterday was also my monthly visit to sit-n-sew at Poppy Patch so I grabbed some unfinished items to take and work on and I'm pleased to say I finished sewing the binding on my fairy quilt, cut out ME blocks for a cushion and finished the hand sewing on my sayings and hexagon block panel... photos later when I get all my gadgets working again.
Poppy Patch workshop

This morning has started out with another expense, two new tyres on the front of my car. I hope it appreciates them!!

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Quiltergirl said...

Just read this posting and I feel really tired think I'll have to go have a lie down.... Well done you sure are busy since arriving home

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