Friday, 19 February 2016

Day 29 last day in VillaMartin

As it is our last day here in VillaMartin Spain we went for our usual fish and chips with Pauline and Brian at the Quesada Resturant. Our friends have another week before they leave.


The weather has turned really chilly today so we went exploring in the car. We have not spent a lot of time at the beach so that was our destination. Most roads to the beaches are dead ends, so it was interesting going up and down them looking at the different architecture, from high rise apartments, to luxury villas.

Can you spot the walkway I the distance?


We came across a beach and in the distance saw an interesting walk way clinging to the side of the cliff face, a little detective work and we found it. I'm not too keen on this kind of thing but we walked to the end only to find a beautiful beach just around the corner. On a better day it would be a lovely place to go. Today the wind was blowing so hard. It was hard to stand up!



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