Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Day 19 Pancake day

Ok can you cope with one more lemon blog? I just had to share a picture of this lemon I just picked,think it's heading for the Guiness book of records !

Being pancake day we went to a little fun day with the Samaritans. They had advertised they were making free pancakes, we shared one between us for a donation, plus I also bought a blouse in their charity shop.

Miss Lemon and I having a giggle

Pancakes served with lemon, sugar and maple syrup, so yummy.

We came across a shopping precinct we had not visited before, but most of the shops were selling the same things as any other precinct. I could not manage to fill my shopping bag!

We then drove to Quesada a few miles away and found a lovely Argentina Resturant where we shared a mixed grill, absolutely brilliant, we must mark this in the note book for a return visit.

Loved the bottled still water, really wanted to keep the bottle, but thought better of it. It might have been the last straw in the car which I have no idea how we will cram everything into.


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