Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Day 26 Pinoso

The weather forecast was not too hot today so we packed a picnic and set off for Pinoso.

As we climbed higher and higher it got colder and colder but the sun was out and everything looked nice. At This time of year the vines are just bare stumps, but the peach trees were in full blossom. The area near Pinoso is very agricultural and we saw lots of workers collecting oranges and lemons, plus those bent double cutting cauliflower and throwing them over their shoulders into large containers strapped to their backs.

At one point we took a wrong turn and drove through tiny narrow village with a water culvert dotted with what looked like sluice gates running the whole length of the village.

As we approached Pinoso the roundabout had a large etched cross in the centre. The town is famous for three things, wine, salt and marble. We missed visiting the museum by two minutes! It was a four hour lunch break before it opened again!


The marble is cut in large slabs from the surrounding hills, causing large scars.

The middle of town has the church of St. Peter the Apostle, a large clock tower built in 1889 where the clock chimes every fifteen minutes and has to be wound up every 24 hours. There is also the Hermitage of St Catherine. It was nice just wandering around the centre of town.

On the old market square an enormous mural has been painted in lovely tones of white through grey to black.

Too tired to cook when we arrived back home we visited the local resturant for dinner.


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