Saturday, 6 February 2016

Day 16 Saturday

Started the day taking Pauline to collect the Medicines prescribed to her at the hospital yesterday. She said the treatment she received was really helping her but with so many drugs inside her did not want to drive. I was more than happy to help. we also did some shopping at Mercadona.

The day started very overcast with only brief periods of sun, so Chris and I took a ride to look at another rental house. It was difficult to find in a maze of streets all with South American names. The house turned out to be really nice but I think the steep streets will probably put me off, plus it was not within walking distance of cafe and shops.

A cake and cuppa with the Whites before they joined us for dinner and a game of cards.

Richard emailed great news, both girls are performing at the Royal Albert Hall and he has managed to get us tickets over the Easter holidays. The last time Abigail performed there was a very nice evening.


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