Monday, 15 February 2016

Day 25 Strange Day

What a mixed bag of a day. I started by borrowing a pair of bathroom scales. ( why do they call it a pair when it's only one machine?) After working out the kilos to stones and lbs I've put on three lbs while on holiday so far. We have another weeks holiday so I am going to try and really stick to the diet plan I am on, I had hoped to stay the same weight. It's sometimes difficult to understand labels when I don't speak the language, well that's my excuse, but it could be too much chocolate!

After a trip into town with Pauline, Chris and I went to find the Patchwork shop that was closed on Saturday.

It is quite a small place but a workshop was being held and the ladies were having great fun making all sorts of things. I had a chat with them but did not buy anything.

From here we went to a large shopping centre and I was taken aback by the marked parking place. I am used to marked parking places for people with children and disabled but have never seen one for a pregnant lady before, what a nice shopping centre.


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Chris said...

Scales originally were two dishes hung from a beam with a central pivot. Weights of a known value were added to one and the unknown item to the other. When the beam was balanced the weights were the same. Hence a pair of scales.

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