Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Day 20 Fit Bit

Since buying my FitBit Charge, it was difficult to connect it to my iPad as it is too old. Luckily Chris did not give up trying and eventually he managed to load the Fitbit trial and then transfer it to my purchased gadget. All a bit beyond me but by using his Bluetooth on his phone I can transfer the data through an app to my poor old iPad. Do I sound like I know what I am talking about? Because I have no idea really how he did it.

I am so lucky being married to a Mr FixIt.

Bearing in mind I have one dodgy replacement knee and the other knee is worn out I just want to try and do a little more exercise, no marathons or ten mile hikes.

It is now five days since I could register the steps I take. 2165, 3346, 2579, 2670 and today I even won a badge for 5171 steps walking 2.23 miles and burning 1823 calories. I am amazed I have managed so much even though I had to resort to a couple of paracetamol for the knee pain. Hopefully it will get better as I try to do more.

We had another beautiful sunrise this morning, 7am saw me climbing up to the roof terrace to take a couple of photos. I just love these pretty skies.

The weather forecast was for a chance of rain, but instead we had a warm overcast day and ate most meals outside.


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