Saturday, 13 February 2016

Day 23

Started the day with a visit to Kates Patchwork Shop. Patchwork shops or any craft for that matter are as rare as hens teeth around here, so I was quite excited to hear about this shop. Sadly when we arrived we found it was closed on Saturdays and Sunday's ! Who ever heard of this kind of shop closed on a Saturday?

Oh well if we are over that way again we will try and make another visit.

To add a few steps to my Fitbit we went for a walk around "our" block and at one point a dead end lane has a wonderful view across the canal to the sea.

We called to see Pauline and Brian for a quick chat before settling in for the evening to watch The Voice and A Person of Interest, a particularly favourite series of ours that Chris brought with us on a hard drive.



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