Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Day 33 Home Sweet Home

Left the Kyraid Hotel in Calais at 6.30 and arrived home at 10.30am. The traffic was horrendous until we reached the M1.
It is nice to be home and the snowdrops and mini daffs are in full bloom. Just need to catch up with the washing and life will be back to normal!

Here's a summery of our journeys to and from Spain

Northampton - Tunnel - Lyon - Barcelona - Villamartin
on main toll roads with two nights in hotels.
Fuel £128   Tolls £113  Miles 1396 Hours in the car inc brief stops 27 hours

Villamartin - San Sebastian - Poitier - Calais - Northampton
avoiding most toll roads with three nights in hotels.
Fuel £114   Tolls £21  Miles 1328  Hours in the car inc brief stops 30 hours

This was an interesting comparison as taking into consideration the extra hotel night, the costs and mileage were almost the same.

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