Sunday, 7 February 2016

Day 17 Lemons

Having used lemon juice on my hair, leaving it for ten minutes and the washing it off, I seem to have cured my itchy head. OK I smell like a lemon tree and flies seem to love me, but it is such a relieve to stop the itchiness. A plus is my hair is shiny and feels very soft.

Continuing the lemon theme I thought I would have a go at making lemonade. I found a juicer at the back of the cupboard and the lemon tree in the garden is full of lemons ready for picking, plus a neighbour gave me a bag full!


Remember I have limited facilities here in our rented holiday villa. I mixed a cup of water with a cup of sugar ( well I think it's sugar, I found it in the cupboard and it tasted like sugar!) heated the two together until the sugar melted. Worked out how to use the juicer and found three lemons made a cup of juice extremely quickly, I now want / need / must have a juicer like this. I mixed the lemon juice into the sugar syrup. Problem there are tiny bits of lemon seeds floating on the top what can I use as a strainer? I searched the cupboards and the only thing I could find were a pack of new Jcloths, they would have to do. Having strained the liquid I tried a glass with fifty lemon to fifty water, yummy yummy yummy.


I am now a lemon convert inside and out.

May add a little more lemon juice next time to make it a little sharper.



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