Sunday, 21 February 2016

Day 31 Travelling North

We left Pension Ametzagana in San Sebastián Spain at 8am. It was a very strange hotel, divided into four villas and lots of slopes and steps to contend with. The lovely Resturant shown on the booking site was closed so it was a burger at the bar. The only good thing were the very nice staff. We will be going back!

Our journey out of Spain took us on a couple of tollroads to avoid the city, we then programmed TomTom for the fastest route without tolls to Poitier. We passed through really pretty villages, especially Urt.

Stopped at a McD for breakfast and arrived at the Kyraid Hotel at 2.45pm only to be told they don't serve food on Sunday.

About a mile down the road we found a Buffalo Grill, a Resturant we really like so went there for dinner.

Mileage since leaving home four weeks ago 2710.


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