Saturday, 20 February 2016

Day 30 The Basque Country

Up early and on our way north by 7am. Chris had packed the car the night before to save time, I think he needed a shoehorn!

We set Tom Tom for the fastest route without Tolls to our hotel for the night in Basque Country northern Spain, about 60 miles from the French border.

The weather stayed fine and we enjoyed the different sights, lots of castles, many tunnels. My photos probably leave much to be desired as they were taken through the window of the moving car.

Mid morning break in a nice picnic spot
St George and the dragon


Lunch break


Wonder what this stork will bring? Boy or girl !


Lots of snow as we reach the mountains


Endless tunnels


The view from our hotel window.


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Christa said...

Love the photos!


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