Monday, 4 January 2016

ABC and the sheep are multiplying

Happy Room, Happy me... managed to spend most of the day in my Happy Room.
Started by removing the tearaway from the ABC alphabet I made some time ago and cutting them all into 6 1/2inch squares. I wish I could rotary cut sitting down but I just cannot, so my legs were killing me by the time I had finished. Standing is the worst thing for my poor old knees.

I then worked out a plan to make them into a quilt using four sheep blocks I already had.  That involved more  tear away removal and cutting to size, this time 6 1/2 x 9 1/2inches.
I needed more sheep, the flock of four was just not enough, so spent the afternoon making two more sheep. Now I have back ache to go with my leg ache, but feel pretty pleased that I have all the components for a reasonable size childs quilt.

If I have more free time tomorrow I will try and get them put together and decide on the borders and backing.
My Happy Room flock of sheep appliqued with fleece fabric.

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