Friday, 8 January 2016

Learning my ABC!

Learning my ABC not to mention D and E!

I thought I would spend time putting together my ABC with sheep quilt today.
 Everything was going really well, then Bam Wham Bong I spilt a whole mug full of Barley Cup, my favorite drink all over the row of ABCDE that I had just sewn together.
Leaving my drink running all over the table and onto the floor I quickly submerged the alphabet row into cold water. After many tries it still has faint marks, so I have resigned myself to re-making the blocks, which means it will not go together today.
Back in the Happy Room, which is now not so Happy, the floor and table are awash with drink so a clean up operation had to take place, which then meant I had a pile of soggy cleaning clothes, which meant I had to do a load of washing... I think someone once wrote a song about the one disaster leading to another and another!
Ho hum tomorrow is another day....
Having tried to wash out the hot Barley Cup drink drying on the radiator

Re-making the letters

Getting on so well until..............

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