Friday, 8 January 2016

January IAM meeting

The first IAM meeting held in my Happy Room took place yesterday amid much laughter and some craft work! Sadly Penny was unable to attend due to illness. Clare provided two delicious desserts, one of which caused us to have fits of laughter trying to get it out of the box, cream went everywhere!!
At 9.30 I called Pauline our stand in if someone is on holiday to ask if she would like to come, and she quickly got ready and dashed over to join us. My Happy Room only seats eight comfortably.
Knitting, crochet, Sashiko, patchwork and a lot of chatting went on all day. I love these meetings.
Ann had a brilliant shrug/ scarf she had made from a bed cover.
We all wanted one it was so soft and cuddly.

Jenny brought along a picture painted by her granddaughter Olivia
It was extremely good and we much admired it.

Maureen had excelled herself with this beautiful Christmas ring.
About 60 flying geese.

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