Saturday, 23 January 2016

Day 2 goodbye France, hello Spain

We were on the road at Lyon France just before 8 am to continue our journey to Barcelona Spain.

Gradually the weather warmed up and the sun came out. Our first toll at Orange cost €24.80 the next at the border crossing €16.70. It was now really warm and cardigans were removed and air con on for a short while.

The Pyrenees looked magical high above a cloud, covered in snow, as our road skirted around then. We found a nice spot for lunch and enjoyed the fresh air.

Sitting in the car for hours was getting a bit boring so we played guess the country from the number plate letters on lorries and how many different countries they came from. 21 different series of letters! Many we knew but some were a guess, for eg. Could A really be Australia? Where is UA ? Must look them up when we get wifi!

Last tolls at Barcelona were €14.25 and €1.60.

Checked into the Travel Lodge Barcelona and a short while later my niece Sally and daughter Tess who live here arrived. We had brought lots of gifts from my sister and her other aunt so it was like Christmas opening all the presents.

A short walk to the main road to enjoy a lovely meal together in Resturant el 58 before they had to make their way back home. It was great seeing then.


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Anonymous said...

A is Austria and UA Ukraine grandma glad to see you are having fun X x

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