Saturday, 2 January 2016

First finish of the year

It was lovely to get back behind a sewing machine today. Having started a flying geese project in November I decided to make it into a Christmas bag, time ran out on me before Christmas but it is now made. Both sides are different formations of the geese and there is nothing like getting ready for next Christmas on January 2nd !
Side one

Side two

As we are off on our winter holiday in three weeks time we are trying to not spend money and eat what we have, so what happens, I have a nail in my car tyre and it cannot be fixed so a replacement part worn tyre cost £20 this morning! We will need to replace both front tyres in the summer so it was not worth getting a new one now, well that is what the boss man said.


Susan Freeman said...

Diana, the Christmas bag is great, so smart of you to get a jump on 2016. I really like the crocheted wreath as your new blog picture.

Happy Room Diana said...

Thanks Susan for noticing my new opening page and comments.

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