Friday, 22 January 2016

Day 1 France & Spain

Up at 3am to be on the road for 3.30am. Luckily it was a dry but cold morning, if you can call 3am morning, it still felt like night!

We set off for the channel tunnel and France for our first overnight stop in Lyon. We managed to catch the 6.50 train and our car was the second to board so we were quickly off and joining the autoroute in Calais.

The temperature dropped and the amazing red sky (wish I had a better camera) and sharp frost was our first view of France. As we journeyed south the frost became snow and the fields were white. This was not on our holiday list, where is the sun?

Lunch was taken in the freezing cold outside on a picnic table, when in France do as the French do, we soon hurried back to the car and continued our journey.

A Premiere Classe Motel in Tamsin on the outskirts of Lyon provides our bed for the first night after exactly 12 hours on the road. The room is very small, cheap and basic, but warm and clean. Dinner in the Resturant opposite goes down a treat.

Tolls €22.20 and €41.50 so far plus 622 miles travelled.

Night night....


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