Sunday, 31 January 2016

Day 10 Sunday 31st January

Early this morning I checked the weather on my iPad. Looks like we are in for a nice day and it will turn even warmed later in the week, sorry Northampton (home) yours does not look good.


The large Sunday market that we try and make one visit to while here on holiday was our destination for this morning. It is such a colourful place selling everything you could wish for. Some of the stalls are permanent buildings but mostly they are set up on the day. It is very popular with the ex-pat population and often called the English market because so many English go to it.

One stall was offering eyebrow, upper lip, etc hair removal. I decided to give it a try and had a sore upper lip area for the next fifteen minutes!

We met Pauline and Brian who had gone there for breakfast, there is a large selection of places to eat and drink. At one stall a group of men were drinking something in shot glasses at 9 am ! Another stall was offering a bun, coffee and brandy.

During the afternoon Chris helped the Whites with their TV and DVD, as they were having lots of problems using them. Although the day was sunny it was quite windy. We all played cards in the evening.


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Christa said...

You are so brave. I would be a chicken about things like hair removal. Hat off to you!

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