Saturday, 30 January 2016

Day 9 Saturday

There are many local shops we call China shops, because they are usually run by the Chinese, who seem willing to work really long hours. Near to where we are staying is the entrance to one of these shops that looks really small, what a surprise when you step inside! The store goes on forever and at one point there is a large palm tree growing up through the roof, obviously the store expanded around the tree. The shop sells everything from lipstick, to kitchen ware, electrical gadgets, DIY equipment, clothes etc etc... I love wandering around finding bargains, today I bought candles, lipstick, meat roasting bags, vegetable scraper, socks, a belt and a few other things.

Our next stop was in Zenia Boulevard to visit Alcampo the large grocery store to top up the food cupboard. I am not a big fan of such a large shop, but a friend asked us to buy her a special bottle of brandy and this is probably the only place we can get it. The entrance is British themed with red phone boxes and guards men, why we need to be reminded of home while we are enjoying a different country I have no idea.

The temperature rose this afternoon and we could sit out in shorts enjoying it. Spent the evening watching Person of Interest a favourite Tv programme followed by the Voice.


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Christa said...

I am enjoying reading about your observations. Bit jellous about the shorts. Hope you can use those all the time. You need to be rewarded to drive so far..

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