Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Day 5 Villa Martin

Thought you might like a look around the house we are renting.

The front door, which on the back of the house! The lemon tree is full of huge lemons that smell divine.

The house with the shade is ours, it is on the street, which is very quiet, but technically the back of the house, these are the two bedroom windows. The arches are where the roof garden has seating and a BBQ.

The double bedroom. Opps forgot to take a photo of the twin bed room!

Kitchen and breakfast bar.

Lounge / diner.

The two fleeces I bought yesterday.

Four large packs of crochet blocking boards!

Making a start on my holiday crochet project.


1 comment:

Christa said...

I could handle living there for a while. Have fun!

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