Thursday, 28 January 2016

Santa Clara Convent

At last the sun has come out, in fact it is quite hot today.

We planed a visit to Santa Clara Convent in Murcia and set off mid morning. The city of Murcia is about an hour away from where we are staying. For some reason I had this marked in my notebook and have no idea why!

Murcia is like any big city full of life and cars with hardly space to breathe let alone park the car. We were so lucky right next to the Convent was a single parking space just big enough for our little car.

We entered to Church only to find a service being held, we stood quietly at the back before leaving to wander around the main square. Maybe when the service is over we can take a look around inside. A short distance away I spotted a small sign saying Santa Clara Museum, so in we went. It was free and one of the staff gave us a short tour and explained in English about the Convent.

If is a most interesting place, housing nuns that are completely cloistered from the world and never leave the convent. Originally founded over the Alcazar Seguir a 13th century Islamic Palace, which became part of an archeological dig and that part is open to visitors. Artefacts found on and near the site are on show including wonderful 13th century doorways.

The closed convent overlooking the pond. The four garden beds each grew a different type of fruit, one for each of the seasons, plums, apricots, figs, pomegranate and citrus fruits.

A long corridor on the first floor is where girls entering the convent took off their worldly attire before entering the closed order of the convent, a very quiet and peaceful area with displays of paintings and Christian statues.

Not sure who's coffin this is but quite unusual with the skull and cross bones
Beautiful paintings lined the walls


Back at the adjoining Church we were able to discretely take a few photos, there was lots of lovely lace I would have like to photograph but did not like to spoil the calm of the building.

Cluny style bobbin lace

Originally the only contact with the outside world was through these metal bars with very sharp points.



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