Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Diet Club

The very end of September 2015 I joined Weight Watchers on line to try and improve my health.
All went well until they decided to change everything and for at least a week I could not even get on line, a friend was having the same difficulties and neither of us were getting answers to our emails.

I decided to have a look around at what else was on offer and found the Candis Diet Club, which is run by Nutracheck, they had a five day free trial so I looked into it and after two days signed up for the access to an app and also on line. A bonus was it is half the price of WW !

The app is pretty basic and I understand you can just have this facility for about £3 or £4 a month but I much prefer the on line version at just under £8 a  month, it is so easy to use and based on counting calories, but it does all the work for you. I started by putting in my details, weight, age, height etc and it asked how much I would like to loose each week... I plumped for 1.5lbs a week. I also needed to set my first goal, they recommend 10% of your weight. I have mine set for 12% as I like to hit the stone marks!

Whatever I am going to eat is easy to put into the search box and pictures appear showing the item, or you can put in the last six numbers of the bar code to get the same result, choose how much I intend to eat of that item and place it in my Breakfast / Lunch or Dinner box. It will even give you an alternative brand if that has less calories.

I am still exploring the forums and other items on the site. The diet club has also allowed me to register the weekly weigh ins I had while with weight watchers, so I have a record from September to now. It is great to see my progress even though I put on 4 lbs over Christmas, which I am more than happy to say I have now lost again.

I treat it like a game and have to win each day, which means staying within my limits.
A sample of part of my yesterdays page, yes I had a wagon wheel!

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