Sunday, 24 January 2016

Day 3 the final journey

We left Barcelona at 7.30am, and filled up with petrol costing 78p a litre, this is really cheap compared with home fuel costing around £1.12.

The motorway took us through many tunnels, some really spectacular. As day broke the sun stared to shine but not for long, soon we were travelling through thick fog, then just as quickly the sun came out again.

The road from Barcelona to VillaMartin is a credit card nightmare, so many toll booths.

6.57, 3.93, 30.75, 1.50, 2.10, 2.10 euros, making a grand total from home of €153.75 does this mean we get to own part of the road ? !

We stopped for a cuppa and a stray cat wanted to be friends, in fact there were a lot of cats roaming around the picnic area.

We tried to find a nice spot for lunch but gave up in the end and used the back of the car as a table.

Arrived at the house we have rented for four weeks at 3.45pm. The sun is really warm and all is well.

Total travelling time including quick food stops 27 hours. 1396 miles

To complete the evening we visited Resturant Olaf for a very nice meal of steak for Chris and Plaice for me.


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