Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Bure Valley Railway

Up early for our steam train journey, leaving Aylesham Station at 10am.

Because of Covid rules we had a carriage to ourselves with an empty carriage between us and the next passengers.

This 15 inch narrow gauge steam railway runs from Aylesham and Wroxham taking 45 minutes each way.
Originally a main line it closed in 1982 and the rails were removed.
In 1989 a group of enthusiasts decided it would be possible to re open the route as a 15 inch narrow gauge which left enough room for a footpath along side the track. 
July 10th 1990 the Bure Valley Railway opened and has gone from strength to strength carrying more passengers than when it was a main line railway.

Masks to be worn in the building and shop

Filling the train with coal

A carriage to ourselves
Pretty scenery and a footpath follows the track for 9 miles.
One of many bridges

Filling with water ready for the return journey from Wroxham

Turning the engine around on a man power turntable

Train selfie!

Waiting in a siding for another train to pass

Entering a tunnel

Cannot recommend this trip enough it was a great morning and we finished the day with fish and chips on the way home!


Vera said...

Love these narrow gauge railways but any train especially steam ones are fun. When the boys were little we use to stay at Romney Sands & always went on the Romney Hythe Dymchurch. There use to be a Patchwork shop at Wroxham Barns but many years since we have been there

Christa said...

So much fun. You always do fun-things.

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