Saturday, 12 June 2021

Lunch and fabric!

We decided to take a wander around the local Garden Centre at Aylesham and stop for lunch.
As it was Friday and we like to have fish and chips, we had the next best thing, Scampi and chips, it was delicious.

In the lay-by next to the garden centre a trader was selling Asparagus, Strawberries and cherries, the later two had to come home with us!

Needless to say I had looked up the local fabric shop and we found it in Marsham, Tulip fabrics, it looked to be fairly small with a tea room in the conservatory, but Wow when you got inside it was like an Aladdin's cave.  I was too busy looking at everything to take photos until I returned to the car.
I found their bargain rack and bought a couple of pieces plus an ideal background piece. Almost 9 metres in total.
I do like to help the local economy!

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Vera said...

Enjoy Norfolk, a lovely county. We have just got back from Northampton after visiting my Sister & we all spent a day with our Brother & SIL. We went to Foxton Locks & an enjoyable lunch at the Pub then back to Roger & Marilyns for tea. Spent a night in Enfield & saw both boys this morning. Paul who had Breakfast in the Hotel with us & Ian when we took him to Ware for an appointment.

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