Wednesday, 2 June 2021

June starts

Well here we are the start of June, and the weather has turned beautiful, goodness knows how long it will last after the wettest May I can remember.

My mouth seems to be recovering after the removal of my wisdom tooth, it has taken me a while to get over this removal. Good for the diet as I was struggling to eat!!

A quick trip out this morning to a couple of garden centres for clogs for Chris, and snails and oxygenates for the pond.  We seem to have lost all our snails and I think they are good for the balance of the pond.  Funny how I spend all my time getting rid of snails in the garden then spend over £10 to buy ten for the pond!

I have managed to find some time working on my Star quilt, hope to get it together tomorrow when a friend spends the day with me sewing.
My design wall, with the Star quilt in pieces and some of my machine embroidery houses.

Roland Garros Tennis tournament has started so that’s my excuse for a sit down this afternoon.

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Vera said...

The quilt will look so good when its finished. It is warm here, been sitting outside in the shade doing some embroidery

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